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Tampa Divorce Attorney | Tampa Alimony Modification Attorney

Tampa Alimony Modification Attorney

Certain types of alimony (spousal support) can be modified. For example, if you are receiving rehabilitative spousal support for going back to school, and your educational costs increase, you may be able to petition the court to have that spousal support increased as well. On the other hand, if you are paying spousal support to your ex, and you decide to retire or you get fired, you can likewise petition the court for a modification to reduce the alimony payments that you are responsible for. If the other party is attempting to modify the support, you have the right to fight that in court to keep the support the same. Here at The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A., our skilled Tampa alimony modification attorneys can help you achieve your goals of increasing, reducing, or keeping the spousal support at the same level.

When Can Spousal Support be Modified?

According to Florida Statute 61.14, the court may allow a modification of support if the party petitioning the court can establish a substantial change in circumstances. But what does a “substantial change in circumstances” mean? Essentially, it means that your ability to pay spousal support has changed, or your need for spousal support as the receiving party has changed. The court can modify the support either way, by increasing it or by reducing it. Below are a few examples of a substantial change in circumstance.

Reasons for Modifying Spousal Support

No one’s life remains static. Gaining employment, getting injured, losing a job, receiving a hard-earned promotion, and deciding to go back to school to receive a higher education are all normal parts of life. ALimony should reflect what is currently going on in your life so that the payments are fair to you, as well as the other party. This is the goal of the court, and when either party can show that a substantial change in circumstance has happened, the alimony order can be modified. As discussed above, here are a few examples of when a substantial change in circumstance may occur: 

  • Involuntary job loss;
  • Life-changing disability;
  • Medical emergency;
  • Increase in either party’s income;
  • Increase in the cost of living;
  • If the party receiving alimony cohabitates with another person or remarries;
  • Change in Florida law; and
  • More.

Call The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A.

Historically, alimony was reserved for wives, but that is changing. According to Reuters, more men are receiving alimony these days. As such, either party, regardless of sex, can petition the court to have their alimony increased. Likewise, the paying party can petition the court to have the payments decreased. Whether you are the paying party or the receiving party, and whether you are petitioning the court for a modification or wish for the existing order to be maintained, you need to work with an attorney to ensure that your goals are achieved. Call The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A. at 813-222-0888 to schedule a free consultation with an alimony modification lawyer today.

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