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Tampa Divorce Attorney | Tampa Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Tampa Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Not all divorces have to be messy, anger fueled, multi-year-long ordeals.  If you believe that you and your spouse are likely to agree on most issues, you may very well be a candidate for an uncontested divorce.  However, for a divorce truly to be uncontested, the following must unequivocally be true:

  • Both spouses must agree that they want to be divorced;
  • Both spouses must agree on how the assets and debts will be divided;
  • If there are children, both spouses, must agree on the timesharing schedule for the children, as well as the division of other child related responsibilities;
  • Both spouses agree on the amount of child support to be paid;
  • If alimony is an issue, both spouses, must agree on the duration and the amount of alimony;
  • If there are any other issues unique to the family, both spouses have settled those issues, as well.
  • Both spouses must have agreed upon and be willing to execute all necessary documents memorializing their agreements.

There are significant benefits to an uncontested divorce, including a tremendous cost savings to the marital estate as a whole, and perhaps even more important, the elimination of the stress and the emotional toll associated with contested divorces.  Another benefit to an uncontested divorce is that the matter usually will proceed rather quickly to a final hearing after all of the “paperwork” is finalized between the parties and submitted to the court.  While an uncontested divorce may not be as complicated as a contested divorce, it still is extremely important to make sure that all documents memorializing the agreements made between you and your soon to be former spouse have been properly drafted. These documents include, but are not limited to, the Marital Settlement Agreement, and if there are children, the Parenting Plan and Timesharing Schedule.  The old saying that the “devil is in the details” is exactly why you should consult with an experienced attorney prior to proceeding with any divorce in order to make sure that you are well apprised of your rights and understand all of the possible contingencies associated with your particular situation – even one that you may believe is “uncontested.”

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