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Tampa Contempt & Enforcement Attorney

Parents and ex-spouses who do not cooperate with existing family court orders can be held in contempt. Depending on the circumstances of their violations, they can be forced to pay child support by wage garnishment or have their professional licenses revoked; their custody or visitation rights can be fully dissolved or altered if a parent continues to violate a parenting plan; ex-spouses who do not pay spousal support in full can be fined, the court can place a lien on their property, or they can even be sent to jail. Whether you are dealing with a parent or ex-spouse who continues to violate various court orders, or you are the party being accused of not paying child support or spousal support, or have been accused of violating the time sharing  plan, you need to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Here at The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A., our Tampa contempt & enforcement attorneys help parties on either side of contempt and enforcement disputes.

Child Support Obligations are the Most Frequently Violated Family Court Orders

Only 43.5 percent of child support is paid in full, amounting to an outstanding national balance of $10 billion in back-owed child support, according to the Census and CBS News. According to Florida’s Department of Revenue, if a parent has the means to pay child support and willfully does not, the Child Support Program can file a legal action in the circuit court to enforce the child support order and the parent may be found in contempt of court. Furthermore, they may be incarcerated until the payment is made as ordered by the court.

Why Child Custody and Parenting Plans Must be Adhered To

If a parent violates the custody agreement, they face serious penalties that include the loss of their current custody or visitation rights. They can even be charged with the criminal offense of child abduction. It is important to adhere to child custody agreements and the parenting plan not only to maintain one’s parenting rights, but for the health, well-being, and safety of the child.

Failure to Pay Spousal Support

Spousal support obligations must be paid on time and in full, just like child support obligations. The paying party cannot use any excuse to get out of this obligation. If they cannot afford the payments any longer, they must go through the proper legal route of modifying the order.

Contact The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A. Today

If your ex-partner is behind on paying child support or spousal support and is refusing to abide by the court orders set in place, it is time to seek assistance from The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A.. We will help ensure that you receive the payments you are owed. We also represent clients who are being held in contempt of court for payments that they cannot reasonably make due to their financial situation. Call us today at 813-222-0888 to schedule a free consultation.

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