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Tampa Divorce Attorney | Tampa Domestic Violence Injunction Attorney

Tampa Domestic Violence Injunction Attorney

Repeat Violence & Stalking Injunctions

Domestic violence of any kind is both unexceptable and extremely dangerous. If you feel you are in immediate danger, the correct step is to call 911. If the situation has passed and you are trying to protect yourself from future violence, it is still imperative that you act decisively and contact a knowledgeable and compassionate Tampa domestic violence injunctions attorney who can help you get the appropriate injunction for your situation.

What is an Injunction?

An injunction is also sometimes referred to as a restraining order. The purpose is to legally prevent a person who has caused physical harm or threatened physical harm, known as the respondent, from having contact with the petitioner. This includes ordering the person to stay away from the petitioner’s home, work, car, and other frequented places in addition to forbidding any written or verbal contact via phone, mail, or internet. A final injunction can also order the respondent to surrender guns and ammunition and to attend a treatment program.

According to Florida Circuit Courts, a judge may award a temporary injunction for protection, which can last up to 15 days until the hearing for a final injunction. The judge may also decide to simply hold the hearing without a temporary protection order. An attorney can help advocate for that temporary protection. It is important to provide the court with as much detail as possible about the type of violence experienced and the dates so they have a thorough understanding of the danger the petitioner is in.

Types of Injunctions in Florida

  • Domestic Violence—Domestic violence injunctions are only for family members who are or were living together or who were living apart but share children together. The petitioner must either show that they were already a victim of domestic violence or have reason to believe they are currently in immediate danger of domestic violence. The petitioner will be allowed to reside in a shared home while the respondent will have to leave.
  • Sexual Violence—If a petitioner files for a sexual violence injunction they must cooperate with law enforcement after reporting sexual violence. This injunction also protects petitioners if the respondents has been jailed for sexual violence against the petitioner is set to be released from prison.
  • Dating Violence—This type of injunction is if there was a dating relationship in the past six months and the petitioner has reasonable fear that they are in immediate danger of being a victim of dating violence either for the first time or again.
  • Repeat Violence—Florida Courts state that repeat violence injunctions require at least two incidents of violence or stalking by the respondent on the petitioner or an immediate family member. One incident must have been in the last six months.
  • Stalking—A stalking injunction requires two incidents of stalking or cyberstalking.

Contact The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A.

If you have any reason to believe an individual may be violent towards you, it is time to seek immediate help. Tampa domestic violence lawyer Laura A. Olson understands that these cases can be scary, emotional, and life-threatening. To talk more about your situation, call 813-222-0888 to schedule a free consultation now.

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