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Tampa Divorce Attorney | Tampa Grandparent Adoption Attorney

Tampa Grandparent Adoption Attorney

Grandparents in Florida often play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, and there are many different reasons that a grandparent might want to move forward with an adoption. However, in order to do so, the grandparent or grandparents will need to go through a series of steps that involve petitioning the court and receiving approval from the court. Once a grandparent adoption has occurred, the grandparents will have the same legal rights as a biological parent in Florida, along with all of the associated parental responsibilities. If you are considering a grandparent adoption, it is important to have assistance from a Florida lawyer. Contact our experienced Tampa grandparent adoption attorney to learn more about the process.

What Are Grandparent Adoption in Tampa?

Grandparent adoptions are a type of relative adoption or kinship adoption. A relative adoption is a little bit easier than an adoption in which a prospective parent plans to adopt through an adoption agency, for example. It is important for grandparents to know that they can be eligible to adopt their grandchild in Florida, and there are no requirements concerning the age of the adoptive person (other than that the person adopting must be an adult). According to Florida law, any person, including a minor or an adult, can be adopted in the state. Then, any of the following persons can adopt, regardless of age or socioeconomic status:

  • Husband and wife jointly;
  • Unmarried adult; or
  • Married person without the other spouse joining in the adoption petition.

Florida law also makes clear that no person who is eligible to adopt can be denied the ability to adopt their grandchild “solely because such person possesses a physical disability or handicap, unless it is determined by the court or adoption entity that such disability or handicap renders such person incapable of serving as an effective parent.” Further, the statute clarifies that a grandparent cannot be prohibited from adopting because they plan to do homeschooling.

How Can Tampa Grandparent Adoption Happen?

In order for a grandparent to adopt a grandchild, they must have consent from the biological parents, or they must petition the court to terminate parental rights before filing a petition for adoption. It is much easier for a grandparent adoption to occur if the grandparent or grandparents have consent from the biological parents. However, if grandparents are concerned about their grandchild’s safety or well-being, it may be possible to have parental rights terminated so that a grandparent adoption can happen. A lawyer can provide you with more information.

Contact The Law Office of Laura A. Olson, P.A. Today

Grandparent adoptions can be complicated, but they can also be important for both the grandparent who is adopting and for the grandchild or grandchildren. If you need assistance with a grandparent adoption case in Florida, you should seek advice from one of the lawyers at The Law office of Laura A. Olson, P.A. today. Contact our experienced Tampa grandparent adoptions attorney for assistance with your grandparent adoption case.

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